Young Koorie men get to have their say in the Nhal Muran Birrang (In my own words) Project

Updated: Jun 2

A KWT grant to Wiradjuri/Wotjubaluk Koorie health/social work professional A.J. Williams, is allowing an often unheard from group to air their views in a video project launching in 2020.

" This project ‘nhal muran birrang’ (in my own words) shows different aspects of culture as told by 19 adolescent boys.  The digital stories are a mixture of talking heads, interviews and presentations as the boys reflect on aspects and experiences of their life, culture and aspirations."

The participants hail from both Scotch College and Camberwell Grammar and the project will be launched in 2020.

(L) The Camberwell Grammar boys who are participating in the Nhal Muran Birrang Project.

L to R; Andreas, Garnett, AJ Williams (KWT grantee), Luke, Wyatt, Chris, and Xander.

Above Preston Campbell and Noah Graig from Scotch College



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