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Sir Pastor Douglas Nicholls honoured in NAIDOC Week Oration


In our First Round of grants in 2020, KWT provided funding towards the establishment of the Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls Memorial Oration, to be held every NAIDOC Week, commencing in November 2020.

Ngarra Murray echoed the excitement we all feel about the reasons why such an event should take place;

"Great orators can start revolutions, stir up emotions and spur people to action. Many well-known orators across the world have influenced the course of history including Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls whose speeches and sermons inspired many. 


In partnership with KWT the Nicholls family are pleased to announce they will host the very first Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls O.B.E.; M.B.E.; K.C.V.O Memorial Oration in Melbourne in 2021."


We are proud to announce we have invested in the production of a justice survey to be conducted in Victoria. This State currently has the fastest increase of first nations incarceration in Australia. Ironically there are more advocacy groups for decarceration than anywhere else in the country.

The survey will be conducted by justice advocates Naomi Murphy and Melanie Poole.

As Naomi explains;

The project we are proposing is a comprehensive survey of the criminal justice advocacy and policy landscape in Australia. This is the first step that will put in motion a longer term strategy, so that resources in this space can be maximised and coordinated, and new resources and efforts focused strategically where they are needed.

This important project is being auspiced by The Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre, and KWT is proud to commence on this important partnership with these dynamic women and such an esteemed advocacy group in our community

KWT as part of its first round of 2020 Grants, in conjunction with Winda-mara Aboriginal Corporation, funded the publishing of the life story of Brian Smith, a respected elder.

Edith Fox, the Health Promotions Coordinator for the Corporation, summed up the excitement of the community, for the upcoming book A walk with Uncle Brian ;

Life’s journey may not be easy- through the hurdles we may face, relatable stories of hardships & sacrifice inspires us all to try to be the best we can be.

We are Proud to know such a strong Elder in our community sharing his journey for us all to read- so we can make better choices in life & change our path that we maybe on.

The published book will be available through contacting The Winda-mara Aboriginal Corporation on 03 55270 000

KWT recently partnered with Willum Warrain Association to trial an ex-offenders program, providing opportunities for them to do paid work; Executive Officer Peter Aldenhoven outlined that these men and women are already members of the Association, but this would provide them with something much more;

“The Department of Justice and Community Safety do not fund Willum Warrain or any other providers for that matter who offer support to our mob (via CCO or WDP programs) who have come in contact with the Justice system and need to work off hours

Most mob who come to us soon after release from prison are not in a good way or in very positive living circumstances. lf they are up for it, Willum Warrain would like to pay people in this cohort one day a week (say for up to 3 months) to work at our gathering place undertaking community projects and activities.

The benefit of this support (which is time-limited and explained to them clearly upfront) is that it will give individuals a chance to develop some structure and routine in their lives”

KWT assist in infrastructure support, and are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative


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